Italian for business

The program at a glance

Is online the first Italian business course that uses the TPRS method.

The course is reserved for the member of the Association “Italiano Semplicemente”

The course, designed specifically for those who are working or are planning to work in Italy or with Italians, is based on the rules of the TPRS method and will be based, like every other course of, on the seven golden rules.

The course is targeted for students with a level at or above the level A2. For those who have a lower level I trust them to make the free course (see basic level – beginners), then you can proceed listening to the idioms page and reading of the transcript of the audio file as well. This “path” is a sufficient preparation to face the course “Italian business” presented here.

The course is a specific course of Italian for the world of work, and consequently tailored to the workers, and has as main objective to teach how to communicate effectively and professionally IN ITALIAN.
In Italy just a few speak English, especially technical and specific English; with this course you will broaden your luggage of strategies tools and knowledge that will make communication more secure, more fluent and more convincing.

The focus on the world of work and the professions will allow us to investigate specific issues, most frequently in the professional field and in other areas, such as:

  • The ability to share professional experiences
  • Know how to negotiate and convince
  • To address the technical issues and problems without that language is an obstacle.
  • The course will be rich in content, but also interesting; even fun.
  • We will see the formal and informal expressions and interpreters.

At first we will see the “idioms” as used in the professions.
For every sentence we’ll see the different cases of application, the formal and informal version, and it will be made many examples.

To follow, the topics covered will be:

  • How to make a good presentation of ourselves and of our company
  • Meetings
  • How to make a strong impression on the audience
  • How to make an oral presentation, or with Power Point. How to use and describe tables and graphs
  • How to expose your ideas and highlight key points. How to describe changes and trends
  • The informal and formal language
  • Finding a job in Italy
  • How to write a resume, a letter or an email
  • How to deal with a successful interview
  • The importance of voice, posture and physiology in Italy
  • The joke “at the right time”
  • The different Italian realities
  • Organised crime: where it is and how it manifests in the work
  • Which words and phrases NEVER USE in business sphere
  • How to make a professional offer
  • How to replicate and how to respond
  • Rejecting an offer without offending
  • The most frequently used verbs in business sphere
  • How to grow professionally in Italy
  • The languages of some specific job: we will start from the Pizzeria language


  • Whatsapp group for professional advice;
  • Free future updates;
  • Each audio lesson (MP3) will be accompanied by transcription.

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