Welcome to Italiano Semplicemente!

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Learn to “communicate” in Italian. Simply.

 Do you want to learn Italian but You do not have time??

You are not alone! And many people have already solved this problem.

Join the family of Italiano Semplicemente and You discover how easy it is.

There are a lot of audio file to listen. This work is only possible thank to the donations from visitors.

Are you a Beginner?

If you are a beginner, take a look at the method TPRS and the 7 rules to follow. Then you can start to download, listen and read the transcript of the stories of the page Beginner Level. If you like, you can listen to the french presentation or the english one. 

Are you intermediate?

If you are at a more advanced level, read and listen the presentation article, then begin listening to the audio file of the 7 golden rules, and you can start to download, listen and read the transcript of all articles available for the Intermediate Level.

Among the proposed articles, there are those relating to “idioms and sayings” where every one or two weeks you will have a podcast. 

Do you want a higher and professional level?

From 2018 it is possible to ask for membership of the Association “Italiano Semplicemente“. In this way you can get the Italian Professional course, the first course specifically for the world of work. In addition you can participate in the WhatsApp group of members, to listen and talk too. Each day a different topic to discuss.

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