Il metodo TPRS

Italiano Semplicemente è un sito in cui apprendere l’italiano utilizzando il metodo TPRS e le sette regole d’Oro.

Cos’è il metodo TPRS?

Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling is a great method for learning languages.

If you are doing this kind of lessons for the first time, please read these instructions first

How to learn Italian with these lessons effectively

1. Read the text in Italian and English.

2. Read silently and listen to my voice at the same time.
3. Read the Italian version along with me and/or repeat after me (pause after every sentence or phrase and then repeat after me)

– do this many times until you feel comfortable
– try to imitate my voice
– it puts your mouth through the exercise of saying the words in decent Italian pronunciation
– it puts the Italian right into your head
– the more you repeat the more familiar it gets!!

4. If you feel comfortable, go on and listen to the Question and Answer mp3 file.
5. Read and listen a few times my questions and answers.
6. Read along with me and/or repeat after me

– do this until you feel comfortable (even if it takes 5 times every day)

7. Try to answer the questions in the pauses (only if you are ready).
– Reading the Italian version along with me or repeating after me – is just fine!
– If you do this many times you will be able to answer the questions automatically at a certain point.
8. Repeat this lesson every day for one week or more.

9. Be sure to follow the seven gold rules di Italiano Semplicemente for a better and productive learning experience.

Infact, if you want to speak Italian fluently, two things are very important and essential. If you neglect them, you will never be able to speak Italian fluently:

1. You need to listen a lot of easy and clear spoken Italian
2. You need to speak Italian yourself

The second point is the difficult part. If you just try to speak, you will make many mistakes, for example mispronounce the words or use a wrong word order. And if you don’t realize those mistakes they will stick in your mind and it will be very difficult to get rid of them. So please try to avoid that!

With my audio lessons you will listen a lot of easy and clear spoken Italian and you will speak it as well. The question and answer part is the secret. This special technique will enable you to speak Italian without making the above mentioned mistakes.

The Italian language audio lessons have everything you need to learn to speak Italian in a natural way. Without learning boring grammar rules and vocabulary lists by heart.

Le sette regole d'oro

If you are a beginner, just read the English translation and listen to the recorded speaker! You should also try to listen and answer some questions.

Don’t worry if you can’t answer right away. Always step by step!

Tip: Try to imagine the situations in your mind. It will help you to remember the words! If you think this lesson is a little too advanced for you, keep this in mind: Even the most difficult lesson is easy after some repetitions!
If you want to know more about TPRS I recommend this article:

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Amici di Italiano Semplicemente

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