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You can start to listen and read the stories of the category Beginner Level.

After 25 weeks you will spend at the intermediate level

Within each story for beginners, you will find:

1 audio_fileThe MP3 audio files of the story. It is usually a very short story, told by adults and children;
2 matitaThe transcription of the story, highlighting the words to pay more attention. It may happen that the story has a specific goal, such as to exercise with the past and future;
3 audio_fileThe MP3 audio file, with transcription, of the”Questions & Answers” of the story. This is the most powerfull tool of the TPRS method: A series of questions to which the listener is called to respond. In the file are the answers as well, and sometimes even more answers for each question. You will learn many terms not present in the history, synonyms, antonyms, and the use of verbs and how to conjugate them. You will learn how to ask the questions and the various ways to respond. You will learn grammar automatically through repetition. An hour of questions and answers is equivalent to 100 hours of grammar. Maybe more!

Audio files must be heard in order: first af all, the first story (the first week), reading even the english version, at least the first few times, to be able to understand the more complicated words (is very important you undestand all the words!!). Then, the “Q & A”, in the second week.

After at least 25 week (six month), listening the audio files 30-60 minutes each day,  You will be able to listen to the audio files for the intermediate level.

If you have a topic to suggest or comments, you’re invited to the newly facebook page of Italiano Semplicemente. If you want to know more about the method,  take a look at the TPRS Method and the 7 gold rules.

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